I wish this snow would stop. I could go on forever, ranting about the recent weather in Northeastern Ohio, but Klaproth would probably eat the writeup for a mid-day snack. Makes me wonder what the protein count is on a writeup.

The day was very sour for my boss, as he learned that his step-daughter's uncle came in to visit unexpectedly, and brought his history of abusive behavior with him. No need to go into details here. My day was the exact opposite because for most of the day, I was left alone to run the tech support department. Calls were steady, and nearly everyone got their needed support.

Highlight of the day was when our first call for support on our latest release came in. Now my employer knows how well the software is doing out in the field. This person needed a walkthrough on how to configure his copy to work on his network. Took an hour to explain everything, but he walked away a happy customer.

For those who care, I did get my hair cut. As usual, I went for the Drew Carey look. I think the chicks dig my hair when I have it short.

Guess that's all for this day in my young life. Now only if the snow....