Damn this snow. I thought it was spring, yet Mother Nature decided to turn on the lake effect snow machine for another day. Just driving in today, I passed by several cars that skidded off the freeway. I got let go from work at 4:15 because my boss knew that I would have a slow drive home.

Driving home was almost identical to driving in: cars sliding all over the place and oriented in strange positions either in the median or off to the side. I paid a visit to my mechanic because he was supposed to have some stuff ready for me, but he didn't have time to do so because he recieved a tow truck to work on. He was also waiting on another truck to be hauled in on a flatbed. From what I was told, the truck wiped out on the interstate and needed to be towed in for inspection and repairs.

Came home and was exhausted from being out on the road and being up all day. Last thing on my mind is to be in bed, all covered up and sound asleep.