I was hoping that I could rebuild my computer with newer hardware that I scrapped out of a newer Windows box that died a couple months ago. After doing the necessary hardware swap, I turned on my Linux box and it detected the new S3 video card that I stuck in there, but it could not mount the CD-ROM drive with the driver package to install the drivers. Time for a reinstall.

Reinstalled Linux, only to have a bug in either the X Server or my graphics card cause all kinds of refresh errors on the screen. I get the crazy idea to format the drive and reinstall Windows.

Found my Win98 cd and boot disk. Started up the computer, and Windows decides to barf on my hardware during installation. I wasn't getting anywhere with this. Last resort: restore the computer to its last known good configuration.

I was hoping that I could get Windows running so that I can run Quickbooks and my A+ certification training software on my computer. I needed something that I could use to run a business, play a couple games on, and be able to put on the Internet for all of my online activity. Looks like a new computer is in order for me. Anyone want to buy my hardware?