12:56 (server time): I hate it when something unexpected interferes with my regular routine. Today at my business network meeting, the owner of the venue where we meet at every Friday morning came in late, and it was already decided that we would meet somewhere else. The owner pulls in just as several of us were pulling out to meet somewhere else. What really irked me was that nobody came down to where we agreed to meet at and inform us that we're back at our old spot. Somebody who knew someone's cell phonenumber should have called and let us know. To me, that's poor communications skills.

7/13, 4:16 server time: Long day finally comes to a close. Spent the evening making my macaroni salad to take to a campout that I was invited to. Went out there tonight briefly to get the list of events for the next two days so I can plan accordingly. Items to bring should include a bag of marshmallows because there's going to be a huge bonfire and I'm going to have toasted marshmallows. Not to mention that there's a couple people that I've met that are interested in doing business with me, so I'll have to have my business stuff with me as well.