It was a slow and boring day at work. Major highlight was the idiocity of one customer who called in for support. He told me that if he could not get his software working (damn Conexant modems again), he would return all of his pagers back to the company that sold him the service. The catch here is that my employer is separate from the paging companies and we could care less what the paging companies do. The paging companies act as resellers of our software.

On the way in, I got stuck in a traffic jam. Turns out that right near the exit where I get off at to go to work on the interstate was an accident. Don't know exact details about what happened, but my boss heard the report on the radio and knew that I was going to be late.

What made my day was at the end of the day, my girlfriend called me on my cell phone from Georgia. She told me she was off to class, and I was on my way out the door and headed home for the day. We spoke for around 15 minutes before I had to hang up in order to be able to safely drive my car home in heavy traffic.

I turned in shortly after 11pm because I have to be up early the next day in order to make a business meeting on time in the morning.