For me, it was a busy day at work. Things were steady in the tech support department at InfoRad during the morning, but after I finished my tuna salad, the calls came pouring in. Many of the calls were from people using one of our single-user products on newer computers (damn those Conexant/Rockwell modems). I was able to make everyone happy by getting their software working, or referring their problem to the customer's pager service.

During my lunch break, I called one of my former high school classmates and told her a little bit about my recent trip to Florida. She wanted to know more, so there's a tenative appointment set for February for us to meet and share more info.

I was planning on talking with my girlfriend during the evening on my cell phone, but I didn't know where it was. I knew I had it with me, but when I went looking for it, it was not in the places I thought it would be. I left her a message on ICQ stating that if she were to call, she would get my voice mail. Later in the evening, we would end up chatting on ICQ, mostly about when we can actually meet face-to-face.

My dad came home with a couple disks with programs that he wanted me to make copies of. He also wanted to know how to get program output to print from a Win98 computer running a DOS program. The programs appeared to be written in QBASIC and I did not see anything allowing the program to print directly to the printer. Only thing I could think of is redirect the program output to a text file, and print that. My mom also was having fits about her laptop computer not booting up. Turns out it was a memory issue that was corrected when I removed the RAM chip from the computer and reinserted it.

Another long day, and I wish I had something more to show for it.