It's been almost two weeks since I've been without my Windoze box. For the price that the hardware vendor quoted me, I might as well just get a new system and rebuild the one that went kaput as another Linux box.

Being that I can't be without my own internet connection, I dug up an older AMD K6-2 system that I installed Linux on when I was in college. I think I set the record for most installs of Linux on a single PC in a day. During my adventure in getting this system to work, I:
  • Configured a Lucent WinModem to work as a LinModem. Required a reinstall when I could not get the modem to pickup the line for a PPP connection.
  • downloaded the 2.4.17 kernel, compiled it, and crashed the system upon rebooting.
  • Reinstalled the system, got the modem working, could not get it to re-dial, X took forever to shut down. Reinstalled hoping that would correct the problem
  • One reinstall caused segmentation faults towards the end of the install
Finally got it working, then decided to download and install Quadra. Got it working, but with no sound. I was also able to chat with my girlfriend on ICQ via ICQ lite I wanted to get the Java version of ICQ, but I wasn't going to wait for another 20MB download at a slow 56K in order to instant message someone.

As this day draws to a close, I go to sleep knowing that I'm another day closer to turning 25.