One day that I didn't have to worry about (if you know what I mean). I had my federal and state returns in a month in advance, and should get my refund checks back before the end of May. Most of this money is targetted for business expenses to Michigan for both end of April and for the end of May. I'll just sit back and enjoy life as the rest of middle-class America makes their mad rush to the post office to drop their returns in the mail.

Update 15:15:25 Came into work and was greeted with a power outage. The outage lasted until late in the morning EST. During that time, all of the employees where I worked were gathered in the conference room to get info and give feedback on the company regarding a couple changes that were made the previous week.

Update 4/16 02:16:24 Was somewhat busy during the day once the power was restored. Was requested by my boss to track how many calls came into tech support during the day and keep a log as to how long each call was. This is being done in anticipation of a flood of calls to come in the coming months when a new software product is released. Later in the evening, I decided to take another stab at fixing my computer so it will run Windows. Don't know why my computer hates Micro$oft, but it barfs everytime I try to install Windows. Linux runs just fine on the same hardware.