Really, I watch these commercials on TV, full of happy smiling people who look like they want nothing more in life than to work at McDonalds. These people make fresh, tasty food, and their only goal is to make me smile. That's right, they love to see me smile.

I call bullshit. I can't remember the last time I walked into a McDonalds and found someone who looked like they actually wanted to be working there. Fresh, perfectly made food? Not at my McDonalds. Has anyone at McDonalds ever loved to see me smile? Hell no.

I admit it, I just don't get it. What does McDonalds think they will accomplish with these ads? Do they think they are going to trick me into thinking McDonalds is a friendly happy place I should eat at more? They can't. Let's face it, people eat at McDonalds because it's usually pretty fast and it won't kill you (at least in the short term). It doesn't taste too bad either, and you can even eat pretty cheap sometimes. Plus, they are everywhere. No one eats at McDonalds because they like the service. No one eats at McDonalds because they use the freshest, highest quality ingredients. No one eats at McDonalds because they love to see you smile.

Really, if they wanted to attract more customers, maybe they should try offering some foods that have some nutritional value. Maybe they could start cleaning the bathrooms more. Maybe they could use real chicken (that cannot be real chicken they use). But don't tell me that I can go to my local McDonalds and all they want to do is make me happy. I know damn well that for $6 an hour, the kid behind the counter could care less about my happiness, and the very fact that McDonalds expects me to believe this crap is insulting.

Take your smile and shove it!