Not at all like I thought. It was a cold day, not the type of happy sunny day you'd like your last day of existence to be. I was pretty drunk, why not? Spending time alone on the last day of the world, how fitting. I checked my watch, 4:45. 12 minutes to go. I took a minute to reflect on my life. I guess I didn't have much to complain about, but it seems like it was all a lot of hassle for what I got out of it. Oh well.

4:53. Getting close now. Not much on TV, just a few final news reports. Sad, isn't it? The poor fools have to stand outside in the middle of a hurricane, and now they spend their last minutes on earth reporting on absolutely nothing, counting down the final seconds of their existence.

4:56. Well, one minute left. I take a long swig of beer. Shit. I never did get to go skydiving. My car was going to be paid off next month too. Ironic, eh? Not that I (or anyone else for that matter) had made a car payment for the past 3 months since we learned our fate. The banks didn't seem to mind, what did they have to lose? Well, I figure I might as well go out with some good music, and what could be better than It's the End of the World as We Know it.

4:47. Go time. I feel sick, can't breath. I glance over at my computer. What is that? A little dialogue has popped up. "Are you sure you want to shut down the universe?" I see two buttons, "Ok" and "Cancel". Funny, I laugh and release some of the tension. I click Cancel for the hell of it. "Microsoft Universe shutdown terminated. Have a nice day!".

Then, in an intense burst of heat, I fade into oblivion.