Friday February 9, 2001

After an 8 hour drive I pull into the wonderful econolodge and realize I forgot to write down Wonko's real name. I take a guess at the front desk and he corrects me and gives me the room number. Security is not a top priority of the econolodge... I head up and knock, but there's no answer. As I'm walking down the hall to find a phone, I hear voices behind me. I head back and it's my fellow noders WonkoDSane, Medeival, crispycrisco, and aphexious. They look surprisingly normal...

In the room I call some friends and end up being spanked by Medieval while a picture is taken. So it's going to be that kind of weekend, eh? After hanging out a bit, it's time for the beer run. We load up the car with a 12 pack of Corona, 4 6 packs of Shiner Bock, a 6 pack of Guiness and Hard Cider, one bottle of Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum, 2 jumbo packs of condoms, one extra large tube of KY, a spatula, 20 ft of nylon rope, and the latest issue of newsweek.

Back at the room, we fill the bathtub with ice and beer. It is, needless to say, damn impressive. The econolodge, in a brilliant move of clever planning, even has a bottle opener right beside the toilet. Medieval chugs some serious booze... After a bit, Accipiter, piq, Templeton, briiiiian, and Byzantine arrive. I call jessicapierce and motivate her to get her butt over and join the party. She arrives a few hours later, but she brought yummy baked goods so all is forgiven. We head over to Dave and Busters for some food and pool. On the drive over, the Wonkoalition rental car of screaming death throws a belt and we end up nearly hitting a guard rail when the power steering goes out. All is good though, and we make it to D&B in one piece.

Discofever and I were shocked to find that they have no Dance Dance Revolution and sulk over some food instead. We head back to the motel and pretty much everyone who is not staying at the motel leaves (bunch of wusses). We walk into the room to find a strange girl hanging out there. Turns out Mitzi got lost and arrived late, but managed to talk the front desk into giving her a key to our room (like I said, security is not thier strong point...) After some deep conversations about the naked dance, I head to bed. After kicking Medieval out of my bed for the tenth time, I finally lock myself in the bathroom so I can get some sleep.

Saturday February 10, 2001

I wake up around 10 and head out to have lunch with some friends. I get back to the room and everyone is heading out to IHOP, so I go along. What the hell. After IHOP we return to our lair and hang out a bit. In desperate need of tunes louder than my PowerBook, we hit Radio Shack for an adaptor to hook it up to the TV in the room. Of course it doesn't work. We decide that to properly prepare for the evenings festivities, a thrift shop visit is needed. So, we unchain aphexious and crispycrisco leads us to a local thrift shop. I managed to find a nice shirt to go with my crushed velvet pants (yes, I do actually wear them in public), and a great leather jacket type thing (check my homenode...). We also picked up some extra handcuffs and an inflatable pony.

Back at the motel, we clean up for the party. I talk crispycrisco into wearing her vinyl pants, good move. We are all looking mighty pimpalicious I must say. We head over, fashionably late of course, and walk into an empty apartment. Everyone went for pizza apparently. They arrive back. There is talking, smoking, drinking, eating, frooty frooty muffins, and crazy taxi. Everyone loves piq's kick ass accent. JP tells us a story about butt plugs. Discofever get's down with his bad self. JethroBodine and ClusterSnarf arrive. Deprived from the internet since friday morning, I finally get to check my email!

Time to go bowling. 2 hour wait, and I'll be damned if they don't have karaoke . We're all pimped out, what the hell. WonkoDSane sings King of the Road again. crispycrisco makes us all look bad. Accipiter rocks out Britney Spears Crazy to the delight of the crowd. Most of the gang leaves and goes home to sleep (again!). WonkoDSane, piq, aphexious and I head up and do a really really sad rendition of Blue Oyster Cult's Don't Fear the Reaper. Oh that sucked. We finish strong with WonkoDSane, Accipiter, piq, me, aphexious, crispycrisco, and Mitzi doing Summer Nights from Grease. The roar of the crowd was defening.

We leave the alley about 1 AM, and decide it's time to head to a strip club. Call over to JP's, everone is asleep except discofever who's up for it. We get lost on the way over, despite the fact that we've all been there 2 or 3 times. We head to the strip club, and more fun ensues...

Back at the motel we crash, listening to a kick ass compilation made by piq. piq and discofever head back to JP's and I hit the sack.

Sunday February 11, 2001

Next morning we wake up 20 minutes before checkout, clean up the mass quantities of beer bottles and cigarettes in the room. WonkoDSane, crispycrisco, Mitzi, Medieval and I head out to eat, end up at the Olive Garden. After lunch I hit the road. I make it home in a record time of 7.5 hours.


We had a kickass time. Thanks to Accipiter and jessicapierce for their hospitality! It exceeded any expectations I had, everyone there was cool as hell and it was great to meet people in person. Seeing as we basically made it a weekend long party, I think we kicked every other noder gathering's ass. Now if only we had made it to the tatoo parlor to get our asses chinged. Maybe next time...


The only thing that bummed me out was that we kinda formed 2 groups, the gang at the Econolodge (Mitzi, me, and the Wonkoalition), and then the folks over at JP's. So there were several people I didn't get the change to really talk too much, which sucked. I feel a bit bad about this, I think I should have made more of an effort to hang out with the rest of the gang. But we shall do it again dammit!

Pictures from this spectacular event can be viewed at: