George, Elaine, and Jerry meet at a chinese restaraunt. George wants to call his date "Tatiana", but someone is hogging the payphone. Jerry is in a hurry, he doesn't want to miss a special showing of Plan 9 From Outer Space. Jerry tells Elaine he'll give her $50 to go take an egg roll off a complete strangers table and eat it without saying anything. She chickens out after trying to tell them about the bet, but they can't understand.

The phone finally frees up but as George reaches for it another woman picks it up. George tells Jerry how he had to go to the bathroom urgently as he was...getting busy... with Tatiana, and how he left her to go home so he could have the privacy he needed. A woman comes up to Jerry to say hi, but he can't remember where he knows her from.

They decide to slip the host $20 to try and get a table, Elaine ends up doing it. She tells him to take the money, he does, and then seats another party. George and Jerry say she didn't make it clear, and Jerry goes to get the money back. He gives up. Tatiana calls for George, but the host yells out Cartwright and Goerge misses the call. They leave, and their name is called right after they walk out the door.

Rating: 3/5