A play written by Woody Allen. I really enjoyed this play, we did it in my high school theater class a long time ago. It involves a family who is on vacation in Russia in the 1960's (it could have happened...). The father takes a picture of a sunset which happens to contain a sensitive area in the background. They are seen as spies and must flee to the American Embassy for refuge. Unforunately, the American Embassador is away and his inept son is left in charge. Most of the play takes place in the Embassy. It's pretty funny and an interesting look at the Russian-American tensions of the time.

A movie was made of it in the late 1960's starring Jackie Gleason, and it wasn't too good. In 1994, a made for TV version was released starring Woody himself as the father and Michael J. Fox as the Ambassador's son. This version was directed by Allen and was quite good, so if you want to see it, this is probably your best bet.