Another easy way to silence car alarms without being strong!
Or: Yet another use for a Leatherman SuperTool.

Simple, effective, harmless, and probably illegal way to get a car alarm to stop.

1. Note car alarm blaring nonstop.
2. Have Leatherman (or some sort of other device with needlenose pliers) in hand.
3. Look through radiator grille of car, underneath hood latch - note position of wire leading from latch.
4. Grab wire with needlenose pliers, and twist till you hear that familiar clunk. DO NOT DAMAGE THE RADIATOR GRILLE IN THE PROCESS!.
5. Unlatch the part of the hood that one must open by hand.
6. Open hood.
7. Prop up hood.
8. Use Leatherman to unscrew nuts holding wires onto battery.
9. Remove wires from battery. Car alarm will cease to go off - no power = no alarm.
10. Close hood. Leave appropriate note.

Yes, this works. Fast, simple, without the use of the police and without you going crazy. It can be done in two or three minutes, plus time to write the note, informing them why their car won't start. No harm done, and problem solved.