What a boring day. Scary, though, too, because America has just started a real war, and because I realize how different things are (and how different I am) this semester, becuse of how much that I need to do during this next week. Joining everything certainly has not helped all thing, although it is by no means at fault.

Today was a lazy day. After staying up until six in the morning noding and reading E2, I slept till noon, got up for brunch, went back to bed until three in the afternoon. It is cold here, as this is Cleveland, and Hiram College, in an effort to save money, and because it may get warm again, has not yet turned on the heat. It may be a bit cool for noding, but for sleeping it is marvelous. Turned on the computer, went to E2, was surprised to see the reaction my daylog from yesterday had caused, both positve and negative. At 5:30, I went to dinner, sat in the cafeteria where it was also cold, ate some food, talked a little to some other people. Went back to my room, noded, checked my email, realized all the things I have to do this week, and started working on them. Also noded a bunch. Heard that the USA is going to war, and have been unable to concentrate on studying since then.

Noded some things from the Encyclopædia Britannica, as usual to mixed reviews. I know that these are not the most interesting nodes, but the material is in the public domain, and to the best of my knowledge, they are factual. If there is a problem with the facts, let me know rather than just downvoting. People want factual material on E2, but downvote people who write on things other than sex, drugs and rock and roll. Sigh. Geez. Cut and Past Writeups will die because they are copyright violations. If the material is in the public domain, what's the issue? Then again, after some consideration, I have been noding some really obscure stuff. There are more important things that need to be noded right now, and the little detail things can be done later.

So much to do this week. Must list some of those wonderful books on ebay, as I can't afford to keep them all. Must talk with some people in residence life tomorrow about my alleged violation of policy (I was talking in a normal conversational tone with some other people in a residence hall that is supposed to be 24 hour quiet. Evidently they had been warned about this previously, before I arrived. I, along with four others were written up for, essentially, talking in a normal conversational tone, at 12:05 AM.) I heard of things like that happening in that hall the year before I lived there, and I did move out after a year, but it does seem ridiculous to me. Sigh. Hiram College.

Homecoming football game this Saturday vs. Earlham College. Am going with my grandfather, because I have to - the details of why I have to are long and drawn out, and not much fun. Perhaps in the daylog for Saturday. Hiram, most likely, will lose. Last year, the won a game, breaking a couple year losing streak. Yes, this is division III athletics at its best. However, the tickets are free, and good seats are always available. Must find someplace nice to go to eat afterwards - someplace that I could not afford otherwise. This is somewhat difficult, because as a college student, I am used to finding the cheapest possible place to eat. Saturday will be difficult.

Test in C++ on Friday. Have not studied nearly enough this semester, due to various things detailed below. Must study like mad for that (less E2!).

Have not been making nearly enough art, either. Spent the summer having fun in Shoshone National Forest and Yellowstone National Park, and didn't spend that much time on art. Must catch up now. It's the only thing that I am really good at, and I need to spend more time doing it. I also have not been being so social with the other students who are interested in art, because I have not been spending that much time in the art building. This should all change soon, now that I have realized this.

I also need to find a job or internship for this summer, and if I am to do anything related to computers, it must happen soon. So much to learn.

It has been an intersting semester. For the first time, I have been actively involved in things outside the college community. Early in the semester, I has begun to get heavily involved in the anti-globalization movement. I was going to attend the World Bank and International Monetary Fund protests in Washington on September 30. I was really excited about that, I devoted a lot of energy to it. Then it fell apart after the events of September 11. I was considering staying involved, and I am still to some degree. But nothing like before. At the same time, I found E2. I have spent way too much time noding and reading. But I like it. And I look forward to the next gathering in this area - I would go to Maryland this weekend, but I cannot (note the football game as stated above).

Many things have changed, some for the better, some for the worse. I have grown some, and I know that E2 has helped some in that respect. Now, though, I must go work on art - it is important.