I'm at home. Dial up connection. Only one phone line. Thus I will not be on so much this week. (Yes, a full week vacation for Thanksgiving break!)

I'm tired, I can't sleep, and I have a ton of work to do. Not to be complaining, of course, just that it makes things different. I can't seem to node while at home.

In my last daylog, and to some people, I had vaguely suggested that I might do a mini-nodermeet in conjunction with my senior art exhibition. The beginnings of it are on my scratch pad.

It's not going to happen. Sorry. I just have more important things that have to be done in the next two weeks, and I don't have time to organize a nodermeet. I'd still love to see all of you, and show you what I have been doing in the way of art, but I just don't have time to organize something. The offer of space to sleep and good food still stands.

I wish that I could write more, more profoundly, but I just can't seem to write while at home - what am I going to do in grad school, when I am living here full time?

Got some good work done on the paintings that I was doing as an independent study project today - they will all be done for the show. Worked some on bookbinding - would really like to get the Christmas present books done before the break is over.

Tons of reading for my short term class - 1200 pages and a zillion papers in three weeks. Still not sure why I am doing it - 20th century Eastern European History? Why?

Maybe I just need sleep. More likely, I need a real hug. Note to self: be more damn social.

Ack. Enough of the whininess. Will not be around so much, as noted above. Contact information on homenode is incorrect, /msg me.