Hiram College is a small, private liberal arts college located in village of Hiram, in northeast Ohio, about 50 minutes from Cleveland, Ohio and a little over two hours from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Hiram College was founded in 1850 by the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). There are currently about 900 students enrolled. The Hiram Terriers, the Division III football team, consistently do badly, but are still enjoyable to watch.

Hiram has a good academic reputation (see Pope Colleges that Change Lives), and is known for its biology program. It is also located in the middle of nowhere (relatively speaking), which many students (or their worried parents) see as a good thing, as they feel that it is safer, and less likely for them to get into trouble (I disagree).

In Hiram there is little to do on the weekend. There is a bar, a post office, and a mediocre coffee shop that is never open. Thus many people drive into Cleveland or go home on the weekends. Others prefer to stay on campus and be bored. Hiram is like that, nice, good school, good people, but boring.

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