Walt Disney World, as part of it's year long Year 2000 celebration, performed the "Tapestry of Nations" parade twice daily in Epcot. The second parade of the day was followed shortly by the Illuminations 2000 fireworks display. The parade itself consisted of a collection of sort of oversized puppets which rested on shoulder harnesses. The operators had varying degrees of control over the puppets, depending on the particular style of the puppet they were controlling. The puppets arms were almost always controllable, and in some cases the puppet's body could be wiggled to make it 'dance'. The parade also included large floats shaped like the face of a clock, but with a circle of rotating drums which a person played as the float passed by. The parade was lead by a sort of "Father Time" figure, who spoke at the conclusion of the parade. The entire event is set to an African style musical piece, and lasts about 25 to 30 minutes.