To fully prepare you for this story I must first introduce you to the members of the cast, as it were. Enter jam, jack and dave. Say hello.

So there we were, sitting in jam's room enjoying what could not be described as a small smoke, when each of us in turn was hit by a truly vicious affliction that we called the munchies (it must be noted that while we all lived this red eyed lifestyle we truly believed that we had coined the many stoner phrases that all are familiar with).

Maybe fifty yards away from the front door of jam's house there was located that amazing establishment known as Spar. Ahh, Spar what delights I have plucked from the bosom of your treat-filled interior.

However, much to my horror and dismay I found that it was well on the way to being 10:34, which meant that Spar had been closed for a triumvirate of minutes. At this point I screamed 'Holy mackeral!'. When asked by my as-yet silent friends why this unexpected outburst had occurred, I informed them of my findings and they then joined me in sitting silently trying to work out a solution. Dave, though we must remember that the boy's brain was truly on its way to being pickled, stupidly suggested that we go to Safeway.

"Why don't we, like, go to Safegay (so called because of the horrendously early time that it closed) and get some of those baked goods that are cheap because they have existed for too long?"

We explained to our now going-a-whitish-sort-of-green-coloured friend that this option was now completely out of the question due to the fact that Safegay had been closed for 2hrs and 35mins. We sat.we pondered. Then we decided to skin up and have a bifta while we mulled it over. In the end we forgot all about our predicament and put 'Waiting for the World' on and after that we watched 'Teachers'.

The reason I am saying this is because it is now almost 2 years since the events of that evening and for some reason I just remembered that we never got our munchies. But then the only place that sold the sort of food we were after was a garage 2 miles away, and it was expensive anyway.