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Madison Middle school
"If you're horny, Then go out and ride her all night long."
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My name is Shannon. My username is Catboy1 bcuz I loooooooooove cats. Dont ask me why I like cats better than dogs or any other animal. Thats like asking me why I like PC's better than MACS. I don't no the answer. Alls I no is that they are cute and cuddly. I am 12 Years old and I am in the 7th Grade. I go 2 madison middle school in a small town in California that is so small you Most Likely will have never heard of it or been to it so id rather not say. I wish I had a cat but I am to poor to afford 1=( haha! Just Kidding. I am in the middle of poor and rich, like most people are too. I was born in Vancouver, Washington near Seattle. My favorite food is Pizza. Hmm... Pizza and my favourite movie iz The Simpsons Movie.