Other important differences between E2 and Wiki:

  • The dynamic inclusion of soft links due to the browsing behaviour of users is currently only a feature of E2 and quite often provides interesting new directions to find related topics in.
  • Wikis allow direct linking to URLs of other websites, while linking in E2 is limited to hard and soft links. (see E2 FAQ: Links for more)
  • The editing features on Wikis use a proprietory syntax to format pages, while E2 has proprietory syntax most of the standard HTML Tags are allowed. (see E2 HTML tags : Quick Start for more)
  • Wikipedia has a directly linked discussion tab to discuss or note changes that need to be made to content, this is handled differently in E2 since each user that adds information adds a separate writeup for further information.
  • A related is that E2 nodes can contain conflicting or complementory information since there can be several writeups to a node; while in Wiki an entry is generally a more coherent or a single viewpoint.