Wedding Prep 101: pt.2

God! Did I ask for so many problems? Did I do anything to diserve this?

Well, it looks like we will be pushing the date back to late June/ mid July of 2005. Both our parents complained about our date. They say it seems satanic to get married on Devil's Night. Plus his parents were bitching because it was a winter/fall wedding. So, we just tucked our tails between our legs and let them pick the date. I will not let his parents control my wedding. They already control enough of our life.

Also, on a related note, the search for a perfect house is going nowhere. We can't seem to find a decent house for under $100,000. It is so distressing. I am going to go crazy if I have to live with his family any more. His dad is ok. His mom is a crazy bitch. His sister is a spoiled brat.

Mallory, his sister, called us at 9:30 last night and expected us to drop everything and go pick her up from her boyfriend's house. We told her no, so she called the house and tried to get us in trouble with mom. Didn't work, mom hates Nathan (Mal's b/f) and told her "tough luck, find your own way home". That made me happier. Then when she got home she threw a fit and screamed at everyone about how much she hates us and how we're all so horrible. Give me a break.