What needs to be remembered here is that they're doing nothing more than shilling for their corporate masters, and the RIAA. This is the same organization that several years ago tried to get used CD stores illegalized, because they weren't getting a cut of the sales of "their" copyrighted material. The courts told them they were smoking crack, that someont had already paid them all they were entitled to when the CDs were first purchased, and therefore, they had no right to any share of the revenues of Used CD stores, in the sale way the automobile manufacturers had no right to any share of the proceeds of used car sales.

My big problem with the mp3 controversy is exactly the same. For the most part (though not always), the music available on the internet as mp3s has been ripped from CDs that were legitimately purchased by someone, so the band has already been paid for them. Anything more is simple greed.

The bands that are against mp3s seem to mostly be already established, but the mp3 format is a boon to the unknown or little known bands. I recently downloaded a song called Flesh by Avrigus. I'd never heard of the band before, and in the description of the song I read before downloading it told me that it sounded like a cross between Enya and Metallica. I had to give it a try, and now, having heard this one song, I'm hunting around trying to find the CD to buy. If it weren't for mp3s, I never would have heard of this band, and that's one less sale they would've made.