A story I remember was from my AP European History teacher. We often finished his lectures very quickly so he usually had time to tell us some story or funny joke to the class.

One story he told us was when he was a teenager working at McDonald's. His job was to flip burgers. Not a really hard job but something to earn money.

One day while he was working there, his nose began to bleed pretty badly. It was rushing out of his nose so fast that some blood fell onto the hamburgers he was grilling. He rushed to the bathroom to stop the nose bleed and clean himself up. In his haste he forgot to tell anyone about the burgers...

When he came back, the burgers were gone. He asked one of his co-workers what happened to the burgers that he was grilling.

His co-worker said, "Oh I just served them, why?"

This is why he never eats at McDonald's anymore :P