Chocobo world is a fun game that lets you control a tiny chocobo, an ostrich-like chicken. Well, actually, it's not that fun at all. The game just lets you move Choco, which isn't chocolate at all, but rather short for chocobo. You fight monsters, you kill things, the moomba gives you weapons, cactuar, (who has been known as cactrot gives you items. These are really the gold mine. When playing Final Fantasy, after you've won Choco by completing the chocobo quests, you can use chocobo world. The items cactuar gives you come in four varieties: A, B, C, and D. When you take your chocobo home from the world, it randomly gives you items based on these classes, 'A' being the best, 'D' the worst.

The absolute best part of this is that Final Fantasy 8 for PC runs on a PC platform, oddly enough, which means you can run multiple programs at once. The chocobo world program runs in the background while you play final fanstasy. By doing this, your chocobo world save doesn't get overwritten, and you can keep getting an unlimited number of items. And some of the best items in the game.