I played football the other day. We lost 3 -1.

No, that's not what I want to write about at all. That's standard daylog stuff.

I want to be pretentious and write about a great man I never knew. This is for all us newbies.

Well, I've only been a user since December sometime and am on an exponential learning curve here. Give me a break. Anyway - sensei. I came way too late to ever talk to this man, but I know many others did and gained from the experience. sensei deservedly appears everywhere on this site. That is the type of legacy that can never die. But you know this, right?

Well, that's not what I wanted to say either, I'm afraid. Now I want to talk about this. The phrase "/me misses sensei" has become a rally, a cry from those influenced by his works, a simple statement that says "we need more like him", or even just "I miss him, cos he was great". You didn't need me to tell you that, I know.

I am just astounded/glad/touched/something that one man has had such a profound effect on this place and on so many people, including myself, of course. I do not aspire to be him. I wouldn't say I worshipped him, per se, but...well, it's hard to put into words, isn't it? He came, he saw, he conquered. That kinda works.

But now he's gone. We should face up to this fact and carry on, not as if he were never here, but as a reminder of what can be achieved - and that there really are genuinely great people both here and out there. Somewhere.

Oh yeah, this was for all us newbies, right, sorry. The message is: read sensei's stuff before you get stuck in. Yes, go through the University, read all the faqs etc, but look at sensei's work (well, this anyway) if only to get a feel for the community that this place can offer. It's there: just take it. That's why sensei is so important; it's about the community aspect, of making friends, helping each other out and all the rest.

Phew, I think we got there in the end.

PS: I'm sorry if this sounds wrong coming from a newbie like me. I'm sorry if that was all just pretentious bullshit. It's just how I feel about sensei and E2. This is what daylogs are for, right?

It would probably be even worse to end with you-know-what. But what the hell, it's the truth. It really is. I'm sure the E2 experience is vastly different without someone like sensei around. There is still a great deal of fantastic writers roundabouts here though, as everyone knows, and I'm not trying to say sensei was better than everybody, because in that respect he wasn't. sensei teaches about the community, a large part of many noders lives, and for any newbie to learn about this quickly is definitely A Good Thing. Anyway, I'm going on a bit. There is just one thing left to say:

/me misses sensei

Do you?

Oh, and if this has been done before, I didn't know. Honest.