In Canada, new ten-dollar bills have just been released. Here's what I've found so far...

- a tiny line of type underneath "BANQUE DU CANADA-BANK OF CANADA" that says the same thing but with "10"s instead of bullets (front)

- shiny-ink maple leaves in front of the drawing of the library of Parliament (front)

- in the rectangle behind Sir John A. MacDonald's head, viewable only in the right light and from an extremely low angle, there is a "10" (front)

- amongst the doves, shiny-ink-negative-space doves (back)

- a shiny-ink square partially covering the group of three people on the right (back)

- a shiny-ink rectangle along the top part of the right edge (back)

There is rumor of a maple leaf hidden in MacDonald's face, but I haven't found it. The most interesting thing on the new bill to me, however, is the copyright (2001, Bank of Canada) -- this means that counterfeiters are now going to have another, globally prosecutable charge against them, that of copyright infringement.