Requirements for leaving this planet. (By Rez, December 31st, 2015 11:43PM)

We will never leave this planet if we:

#1 Don't manage to produce proper quantum-computers (Next generation computers) (Compsci)

#2 Don't invent a proper Artificial Intelligence. (Compsci)

#3 Don't manage to produce proper solar-sails and plasma rockets (Physics)

#4 Don't invent proper energy cells. (Physics)

#5 Keep creating societies that are dependant on fossil fuels (How f*ing stupid isn't that?)

#6 Haven't mapped the human brain completely in the BlueBrain Project (Compsci)

#7 Never invent a proper final programming language based on natural language. (Compsci)

#8 Keep having nonsensical wars, nuclear bombings, new terrorist groups. (Social Science)

#9 Don't solve/saturate/settle all the Millennium Problems. (Mathematics)

#10 Don't have a proper international stem-cell research programme (Medicine)

#11 Can't manage to produce every single organ artificially and make people independent of organ donations (Medicine)

#12 Haven't learned to understand cancer better (Medicine)

#13 Haven't invented a proper science for exo-skeletons, biofeedback and robotics for amputees (Engineering)

#14 Don't have a proper quarantine system for modern epidemics (Medicine)

#15 Haven't made 3D printing cheap, durable, proper, common place, hard, recyclable (Engineering)

#16 Don't have a proper global environmental cleaning/regulatory system for emissions (Ecology)

#17 CONTROVERSIAL Don't insist on everyone getting their genes benchmarked for a proper and *HUMANE* eugenics program (Biology)

#18 Don't all learn to speak the same consistent language, no matter which (Linguistics)

#19 Don't invest more money into our scientific particle-accelerator programs (Physics)

#20 Never learn how to accumulate anti-matter from the solar system cheaply (Engineering)

#21 Don't get a sound, complete and proper understanding of Turbulence (Physics)

#22 Haven't found closer and better exo-planets than Gliese (Astronomy)

#23 Can't properly colonize shitty planets like Mars. (Engineering)

#24 CONTROVERSIAL Don't have a one-world government (Social science)

#25 Don't have one central world university (Social Science)

#26 Don't have better global infrastructure (Engineering)

#27 Keep exploiting the super-poor with inane slave jobs for cheap fast shortsighted nonsense labor (Social science)

#28 Don't make sure that everybody who can and wants, should get a Phd. (Social science)

#29 Keep having Science textbooks and information being extremely expensive (Economy)

#30 "Don't create a ""10 billion dollars personal global networth limit"", with the 2015 $-value (Politics)"

#31 "Don't create a ""500 billion dollar company networth limit"" (To counter economic black holes) (Politics)"

#32 Don't let internet be free for everyone with atleast 100gbit transferspeeds at all coordinates in the world (Engineering)

#33 Don't invent better cures against addictions, drugseeking behavior and withdrawal symptoms (Psychology)

#34 Don't invent room temperature super-conductive materials (Physics)

#35 Can't invent hand held atom-level f MRI scanners for imagining peoples thoughts (Physics)

#36 Don't stop using environmentally unfriendly and poisonous papers/inks/plastics, instead of recyclable e-paper (Engineering)

#37 Don't start using electric cars,boats and planes (Engineering)

#38 Don't find a way of mass-producing cheap solar-panels with a higher Utilization Factor (Physics)

#39 Don't find a way of exploiting thermal/acoustic low-frequency energy better (Physics)

#40 Don't make our GMO's more efficient, healthy and environmentally friendly (Biology)

#41 Don't master the nano bot technology for exploration of micro and macro worlds (Physics)

#42 Never find a way for transferring simple information from the computer -TO- the brain with implants (Compsci)

#43 Can't make our artificial meat/biomass more efficiently and cheaply made, instead of breeding animals/vegetables (BioChemistry)

#44 "Never find a way to create efficient altitude traffic e.g ""flying cars"" (Engineering)"

#45 Keep having unsatisfying and questionable criminal/medical rehabilitation statistics (Law)

#46 Aren't careful about world control so that the world doesn't turn into a dystopia, an Orwellian nightmare, which might imperil emotional motivation for scientific contribution (Social science)

#47 Don't make nations more autonomous, smaller, independent and at the same time maximally dependant of one another for maximum co-operation (Database-style global political normalization) (Politics)

#48 Keep wasting the peoples time with extreme, visual, unproductive, exploitative, non-educating, obsessive and vacuously infantile entertainment (Entertainment)

#49 Don't have proper, normal, coherent, efficient, fair justice and court sentences for everyone, no matter celebrity status or income levels (Law)

#50 Have no understanding of the importance of leaving this dying overpopulated depleted planet (Done)

If all of the objectives above are reached ,then travel to exo-planets will be successful.