A compilation of the complete recorded works of The Vaselines, ie. The Way of The Vaselines plus b-sides . The sleeve notes to this CD-only release give very little away: no release or copyright dates. The distribution situation seems odd too: it's a 53rd & 3rd release (their original label), yet my local HMV seem to have plenty of copies.

The track marks on the CD are, in fact, completely askew: 20 tracks are marked on the CD, but there are only 19 songs; the track marks for the latter half of the disc fall in the middle of the songs. It all adds to that quirky tweepop charm.

Song list (as distinguished, in this case, from track list) is:

  1. Son of a Gun
  2. Rory Ride Me Raw
  3. You Think You're a Man
  4. Dying for It
  5. Molly's Lips
  6. Teenage Jesus Superstar
  7. Jesus Doesn't Want Me for a Sunbeam
  8. Let's Get Ugly
  9. Sex Sux (Amen)
  10. Dum Dum
  11. Oliver Twisted
  12. Monster Pussy
  13. The Day I Was a Horse
  14. Bitch
  15. Slushy
  16. No Hope
  17. Hairy
  18. Dying for Some Blues (alternate version of Dying for It)
  19. Lovecraft

Whatever the explanation for the sudden appearance of this disc, in substantial quantities, in HMV, this can only be a good thing. Keep an eye out for it!