Breaking the monotony, finally away and somewhere with more than 10 people that will understand me if I speak full speed.

Fuck that, I'm just running. And the beat pulses and thumps and I watch her hips as she gyrates, watch her breasts as she sways. The drum and bass gets louder and her red hair is green now yellow now black. Discordant from the memory and what is that the 8th rum and coke shit get me another one.

Naw, I don't smoke anymore, haven't had one for like 5 weeks now. Well maybe just one, I mean, I am drinking after all right? Ok I'll buy you a pack, I've smoked too many of yours anyway right? Goddamn look at that ass, shit they're goin' at it, hell yeah! Yeah sure, I'd play some pool, you wanna bust it? Cool.

Fuck its cold out here, you sure this jackass knows where were going? This place is open 24 a day right? Jesus Christ its raining, we should just go back and dance some more, I need a beer.

the strobes are blue on the floor and the music still pumps but we are almost the last left...and fuck whaddya mean you don't wanna fuck tonight? You don't want any attachments? What ever made you think I did?...Come on, one last time...naw naw, its cool, I understand...

Yeah sweetie, last night was a lot of fun...shut the fuck up I don't want to talk to you...yeah, I met some cool guys, we had a couple beers...stop fucking whining, I can't fucking take it, I didn't spend very much, Joe bought a couple rounds... lets see now, whaddid I drop last night? $200?, yeah, I'm really sorry you had such a bad is shit, fucking deal with it, you don't have to tell me every single one of your goddamn problems...yeah, I love you too sweetie...don't call me, its over, I don't love you anymore...

Wait, I said that out loud? Yes I am a bad person in case you hadn't guessed. Thanks so much for pointing that out to me. I never meant to hurt you. I AM sorry, so sorry for who I am. The longer you are with me the more I will hurt you in the end. Find someone who deserves you. I am not that someone.