In the early part of 1950's in the USA, a game called 'Violence Fight' was in vogue among Mafia, reckless drivers and general businessmen.

The "Violence Fight" was the game to struggle for "No.1 Quarreler" with fighters who were gathered from all parts of the USA speaking boastingly of their strength.

And of course a lot of winning the money as well as the honor were given to the "winner".

Here in a downtown in L.A., a young fighter "Bat" and his manager "Blinks" seek for the winning money eagerly.

As a matter of fact; can Bad take the No1 place of the USA?

This interesting bit of Engrish sets the scene for Violence Fight, a video game released in 1989 by Taito. The aptly-titled Violence Fight is one of the many clones of the original Street Fighter that flooded the market in the late 1980s. Players selected one of the four combatants: Bat Blue, Ben Smith, Lee Chen and Lick Joe. Just like the far-superior SF2, the player would have to fight a succession of combatants in order to advance to the boss, but with the added bonus of confusing, badly-translated dialogue between bouts. And instead of kicking the crap out of a BMW in the bonus round (can everyone say "E. Honda"?), Violence Fighters take on a live tiger. If you beat the tiger -- presumably, this was in the days before the ASPCA monitored underground full-contact freestyle fighting competitions -- you would receive a bonus to one of your skills.

If you made it past the tiger and the other playable characters, then you would face the tougher fighters: Butterbean clone Ron Max and gang leader Tony Won.


That's about it, right? Not even close. Anyone who played the game ten years ago should remember the sound effects. Well, they weren't real sound effects, they were actually "visual sound effects" -- seemingly random combinations of the letters D, G, B, O and N that would splash across the screen whenever a character knocked another to the ground. (They weren't quite random, with the vocabulary consisting of: GOON, DOGOON, DOGON, BOGOON and similar variants.)

Violence Fight was successful enough to spawn a sequel, Solitary Fighter. The gameplay was similar to Violence Fight, but with Ron Max and Tony Won added as playable characters.


Cast of Characters:

Name: Bat Blue
Height: 187 cm
Weight: 98 kg
Birthday: June 11, 1938
Native place: Los Angeles, Calif.
Mortal techniques: Rolling Kick, Star Dust Punch
Profile: Street champion of the last year, he has a reputation for plenty of technique and it's sharpness.

Name: Ben Smith
Height: 189 cm
Weight: 105 kg
Birthday: February 8, 1935
Native place: Carson City, Nev.
Mortal techniques: Tornado Kick, Machine Gun Punch
Profile: Former Marine. He is nicknamed Fierce Eagle of Nevada. He has strong jumping force.

Name: Lick Joe
Height: 190 cm
Weight: 135 kg
Birthday: September 25, 1925
Native place: Aardmor, Okla.
Mortal techniques: Atomic Chop, Drop Kick
Profile: Former professional wrestler. His profession was revoked because he killed 13 wrestlers during playing. Although his bodily strength is very strong, his movement is slow.

Name: Lee Chen
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Birthday: July 4, 1935
Native place: Miami, Fla.
Mortal techniques: Whirlwind Legs, Mantis Hands
Profile: He has went over to the main land of China in his child age for learning assassination ken (hands).

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