I don't fancy myself much of a daylogger, so two daylogs in a row is somewhat aberrant. But one otherwise-minor event required recording, and the best place for that is here.

As members of virtually all "Web cultures" likely do, noders often discuss how contributing to E2 has altered their daily lives. Aside from seducing me into spending many hours in front of the keyboard noding -- which I likely would have spent surfing for porn, but at the computer anyhow -- I had yet to experience this phenomenon. Until today.

Today, Everything2 altered my "IRL" life. While ordering lunch at McDonald's this afternoon, I found myself uttering the following words:

"Oh, and a Butterfinger McFlurry, too!"

It's doubtful that I would've ever ordered a BMcF if I wasn't a noder. For one, I'm not terribly fond of Butterfingers. (I hear they're made with real Simpsons!) Nor do I like McFlurries; living within walking distance of Dairy Queens for most of my life has spoiled me, I'm afraid.

Either way, I was compelled to find out for myself if the infamous Butterfinger McFlurry was indeed "tha macdaddiest, pimpin'est liquid in a cup this side of Abe Vigoda's urine". Of course, I'm not the first person to swat this particular monkey off his back.

And the result? I'm afraid I have to agree with most of Rev.Conor's conclusions, save for the final one. I'll take a Heath bar Blizzard anytime.