The Body Shot.

It can only be done with tequila. Not many other hard liquors go all that well with salt and a lime. And a body shot would not be any fun witout something to lick and suck.

There are indeed plenty of variations. But... as most know, your usual crowded bar doesn't really allow for having a partner on a horizontal surface somewhere. And having a partner is the most important part... So, in order to facilitate a standing body shot, just note a few other considerations:

First and Foremost: a body shot should be done with no hands. It's never really necessary to tie someone, but they should start with their hands behind their back.

Secondly: It's all about the salt. Usually tequila can be a bit much for your average drinker, so by the time they get to the lime, you will probably see a scowl on their face. So the fun is to be able to enjoy the salt. And you can put it anywhere. Neck of your partner is most common, but you can do navel, cleavage, hell... anywhere you would like to lick. Dampen the area a bit with... whatever you can find, condensation off your beer, and then salt the area.

Third: Pour a shot. Yes you can put it somewhere like the navel, or the hollow of a throat, but it's messy for both people, and you spent too much time trying to the pull tequila out of it's little nesting place. Use a shot glass. Put the shot glass on an accessible surface. The bar, your table, if someone has the boobs to do it, shove the shot glass righ smack down there in her cleavage. You can have someone hold the shot in their mouth and bend their knees, keeping their face turned up and the shot balanced. The person grabbing the shot would bend over them and grab the shot glass with their lips and toss their head back. Unfortunately that option leaves no where fun for the lime...

And last: the lime. You can use a lemon, too if you prefer it or just don't have limes laying around. Be smart and buy one of the over inflated limes at the liquor store when you pick up the tequila... the bar should always have them. The lime can go anywhere, but like the shot, since the person has their hands behind their back, it has to be in a place where they can grab it with their teeth.

Best way to do the body shot: salt on the neck, shot on the cleavage (if it's a guy, make him lean back over the table and put it over his waist), lime in their mouth.

Lick. Toss. Suck.