Where the hell else would you want to have a hangover... HUH?!?!
Don't forget to sign up for the BAP humiliating dump truck hazing ritual!!!

It is mandatory that somewhere in this writeup you see the following word:

in context: the E2 Boston Hangover will be wicked pissa!

If you speak that word while you are here, do it right or don't do it at all. You will embarass yourself before you even open your mouth.

Speak to drunkenmonkey if you want to volunteer for the fellatio barn...

I have been known to be partial to tequila, so there will be most certainly some of that. Since I must drive there, I'll probably end up bring a noder or two (names TBA, see above list). And if there aren't more noders jammed in the back of my car, then guaranteed there will be booze back there.

That will be all for now... carry on...

note: I've decided we shall also need special brownies for this day... I am all over that.