This gathering is officially CAPPED...
if you want to come please talk to me, but organizing for almost 80 people is rough, imposing a deadline is for my sanity!

April 25th, 26th, 27th, and 28th, 2002
See new agenda!

The BAP has traveled to your noder gatherings!
We have roadtripped, we have stayed at cheesy hotels of doom, we have mutilated our cars, sacrificed our jobs, our families and our friends...
We have seen almost every state east of the Mississippi!!!

Time to pay some homage to OUR damn city!

Yeah that means you suckah!

the final number:

3 non noders
1 mystery guest
1 ms. ninja-bong

There is a usergroup for this event called nodahs if you are not on it, let me know now!

And if you have an april birthday, the list is getting too big...
But rest assured... there will be shots in your honor


Yes, you must bring us a shot glass if you want in.
No, you don't have to get drunk out of it, but...
Yes, you must leave it for team tequila upon departure!


cahla's phone number:
mail my phone at:
100 character limit!
also: 781.874.0686 is my home number...
my cell phone cuts out in my house occasionally...
but try the cell first anyway

cahla's address:
17 Emerald Street
Medford, MA 02155

directions to cahla's:

  • Remember: Boston is the home of the Big Dig. What that means is that traffic here SUCKS and the roads are a mess. SIGNS ARE YOUR FRIEND. If you don't follow them you can get screwed really easy. So pay attention. If you get lost, don't turn around! A lot of times you can not get off an exit in town and get back on in the opposite direction! If you screw up, call!

  • I live off Rte. 93 north of Boston. You need to get to this road.
  • If you are coming in from the south, you will probably be coming in from Rte 95. Take Rte. 95 North to Rte. 93 North. That simple.
  • If you are coming in from the west, you will probably be coming in from the Massachusetts Turnpike, IE: The Pike, otherwise known as Rte. 90. Take Rte. 90 East to Rte. 93 North. That simple.

  • Once you get to Rte. 93 North, you will drive through the city, it's a short but brutal ride if you don't pay attention. The exit number you want is Exit 32.
  • When you get off at Exit 32 you will deposited from the off ramp into a rotary. Follow the sign out of the rotary for Rte. 60 East towards Malden/Revere.
  • Once you merge off that rotary you are on Rte. 60 headed east, otherwise known as Salem Street in Medford. From here you are 3 minutes away from my house.
  • Follow straight along Rte. 60 for about 10 blocks. You will come to a small intersection with no lights and one unlabeled road off to your right. There will be a Dunkin Donuts on your left, and a white building labeled D.B. Mart as well as a Medford Bank on your right. Take that right onto the unlabeled Spring Street.
  • Follow Spring Street for one block. You will see Emerald Street labeled on your left. Take that left onto Emerald Street.
  • My house is three houses down on the right, #17, a red 3 story house with two doors. I am the LEFT door, name is on the mail slot.
  • Please, oh please, do not ring number #15! That would be my landlords who will not be thrilled to have their doorbell rung at ungodly hours! Thankyouverymuch!
  • Park anywhere you can find space. There is lots and lots of parking within that residential area.

  • If you are going somewhere else or coming in some random way, talk to me for directions!


::::: wednesday :::::

airport pickups:
Mitzi 2:37 PM, United -- cahla
someone 11:31 PM (Delta) -- Chihuahua Grub

::::: thursday :::::

airport pickups:
briiiiian 10:33 AM, Delta -- cahla

Thursday Night Dancing!!
With our extra-special-'cause-he-is-arriving-early guest...

Cambridge, MA
19+ to get in, 21+ to drink
practically no dress code

*** If you are planning on attending let me know! ***
I will be securing places to crash for anyone who comes early...
cahla · tandex · randir · indra363 · chihuahua grub · jaubertmoniker · mitzi · Infinite Burn · Sondheim · briiiiian · drunkenmonkey

::::: friday :::::

You will be picking up some supplies you will need for Saturday...

airport pickups:
Juliet 10:30 AM, South Station Bus Terminal -- ?????
WonkoDSane 2:40 PM, American -- The Custodian
herbman -- WORK, 4:30 -- ??
radlab0 AND karma_debt 5:50 PM, US Airways -- Illumina
girlface 7:06 PM, United -- dann
ModernAngel 10:30 PM, Delta -- donfreenut
panamaus 10:40PM on Delta -- donfreenut

road-tripping noders arrive all day...

ie: party at cahla's house until it gets too big

should things get too cramped here, noders will travel to:
Lanes and Games
for bowling, pool, drinking...
and whatever else you can find to do

Travel back to sleeping arrangements for the night...

::::: saturday :::::

airport drop-offs:
metacognizant AM South Station Bus Terminal -- drunkenmonkey
yossarian 3:47 PM South Station Bus Terminal -- cahla
jaubertmoniker 6:00 PM Work -- cahla
ModernAngel 8:30 PM, Delta -- cab to airport

Scavangah Hunt
12:00 Noon
Boston Common
details on the way...

Prudential Skywalk
by 6:00 PM · Last step of the Scavangah Hunt
Noders meet at the top of the Prudential Building

Noder Dinner Out
8:30 PM · Dinner, DEFINITELY Vinny Testas in Back Bay

The Menu:

Bruschetta Caprese
Fried Calamari
Vinny's House Salad
Eggplant Parmigiana
Baked Penne Gratinate
Café Latté Cheesecake
Chocolate Bomba

Info for me: Tim @ 617-262-6699, 8:30 PM, $19.95 + tax and 18% gratuity
Scavangah Hunt Results will be tallied and winners announced after dinner

10-11:00 PM Start · Locations:

These are the bars within walking distance from Vinny's
I will attempt to node as many as I can in the next few days...
Bar Code · The Blue Cat Cafe · Bukowski's · The Cactus Club
Charley's Saloon · Dad's Diner · McCarthy's · Pour House
The Rattlesnake · Whiskey's · White Star Tavern

You will have a T-Pass and people will be free to go wherever the want...
but the T closes at 12:45 AM...
people will be meeting back near Vinny's at 2:00 AM
then head back to their places of sleep...

::::: sunday :::::

airport dropoffs:
panamaus 12:20 PM on Delta -- dann (leaving at 10:30 AM)
girlface 2:30 PM, United -- ??
karma debt 4:00 PM, US Airways -- ??
yossarian 4:00 PM, South Station -- ??
Juliet 5:15 PM, South Station -- ??
someone 5:30 PM, Delta -- ??
radlab0 6:20 PM, US Airways -- ??

E2 Iron Chef Cook-Off
cobie vs. ccunning
cobie's sous chef will be OH CHRIS
and ccunning's is OH RADLAB

arrive at cahla's at noon
*** cash will be collected here then distributed to the chefs for the food budget ***
Please prepare to donate a few bucks to the cause...
in CASH so the chefs may shop with it!

1:00 PM · Secret Ingredient will be announced and chefs will go shopping
2:00 PM · Chefs will arrive back and start cooking
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM · targeted food time and winner announced!

Noders depart... ???

::::: monday :::::

airport dropoffs:
WonkoDSane 9:00 AM, American -- cahla
Mitzi 10:15 AM, United -- cahla
briiiiian 9:35 AM Delta -- cahla


  • Bring bedding/sleeping bag/etc... most space is floor space! air mattresses if you got em!
  • Don't forget your shot glass for the host!
  • People who are not on planes... bring BEER. For Friday and Sunday I will supply the hard liquor. Please be a nice person and bring something to share, if everyone brings a bit, life should be peachy. Local brews encouraged!
  • Cash requirements are as follows:
    • Your travel costs (arbitrary)
    • Your cheesy souvenir costs (arbitrary)
    • Friday night budget, this could be zero if we are able to stay contained at my house, or you could blow $50 on bowling and booze... I won't know til that night, so be prepared!
    • Saturday Budget for Scavangah Hunt is $6 all day T Pass, $5 to contribute to your ride into the city's parking, $3 to get you to the top of the Pru, Approx $20 for dinner, give or take, and then whatever cash you want for drinking out.
    • Sunday Budget for E2 Iron Chef Cook-Off: I am going to ask for a voluntary $20 donation from everyone to go buy the food. If you can't give in that is ok, if you want to give $10 that's fine... the point is that it is voluntary. Everybody will be eating what miller and chad will be gracious enough to cook for us. By being nice and asking for donations, you then help out some other noders who are probably dishing out some big cash just to get here. So please, remember to bring cash, as it will be divided up between the chefs on the spot.
  • If you have special dietary restrictions, the cook off will have one dish from each chef be a mandatory vegetarian. If you need further considerations than that, please let me know!
  • The Pub Crawl. If you aren't 21 we will provide alternative options, but bring your ID, fake or otherwise. All places card and most every bar is 21+.


Accommodations are listed here for definites!!!
The accommodations themselves, though...
are NOT definite!
They can and probably will change!
The other noders hosting people are:

1. cobie, drunkenmonkey and bommerman
2. Chihuahua Grub, jaubertmoniker, dann and Indra363
3. Orange Julius
4. The Custodian

So far it looks like we can fit everyone at these places...
If we start getting more people confirming to be here,
more accommodations will be by: Illumina

If you don't like where you are staying, let me know!

Check back often
Last updated Wednesday 1:31 AM Eastern Time, April 10th, 2002.

To the BAP: to keep the nodegel clean and spiffy, if you have any comments you wish to add, msg me and throw the HTML on your scratchpad and I will add anything you have to say here!

For when the time comes, wharfinger has politely asked all aftermath nodes to find their homes right here under this writeup if you feel you have had a profound BAP experience.

dem bones has also asked me to inform you all that aftermath nodes will be included in the gathering nodes from (last week) now on.

jaybonci Good luck, BTW. You're totally on crack for hosting a gathering, but hey, that's cool.
jaybonci We love you to death for it.

jaybonci So how many people are interested in the orgy? I mean do I get the industrial shaving cream, or only the "family fun pack"

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