Spoilers ahead.

An important plot point has been vastly overlooked by the current write up. Near the end of this short, we see through the eyes of the kid as he falls in slow motion towards the ground. It is at this point that he exits The Matrix of his own will. We know this because Neo and Trinity speak about "self-substantiation" as they hover over him in The Real World. In other words, this kid has broken free from the Matrix without outside help. Which is more than even Neo has done.

It's painfully obvious that this kid will play a crucial role in the next movie. What role he will play is still up in the air. It will probably have something to do with saving Neo or even resurrecting him from the coma he fell into at the end of The Matrix Reloaded.

The only things I have left to wonder about this short are why the kid thinks Neo has saved his life when it was truly his own doing, if the claims of self-substantiation are true. And exactly what relationship did this kid have with Neo and Trinity?

Time will tell.