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In the world of rediscovering Tru Love -- I researched the heck out of this product (product name is a secret for now). I researched the history of the cacao bean and processing and manufacturing of fine chocolates -- ceremonial uses -- health uses -- everything.
Nothing proved the chocolate I am talking about does not achieve its claims. I know of a brand of chocolate that tastes wonderful -- its texture is smooth and being addicted to this chocolate causes weight loss and overall better heart and intestinal health amoung other things. Email me for information of this miracle chocolate and join me in freaking out people who see you eating chocolate all the time but losing weight doing so. Give them a piece and they still won't get it until they realize it is an astounding discovery this combo of cacao and herbs. write to me and let's
Oh, by the way this guiltless chocolate is based on ancient Mayan and Aztec discoveries.