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Not sure yet, but here's where my life's at. Just finished my PhD in Chemistry. Thesis dealt with catalysis in the corona of a block copolymer micelle. If anyone can understand that, they're a step or two ahead of my parents. I'm a Linux user. Not much of a Linux advocate yet, but it'll happen.

Music: Stuck in the '80s. Cure, New Order, Depeche Mode, Book of Love. Though I doo like some of just about everything except Jonnie Mitchel songs when she performs them herself.

Hobbies: Origami, POV-Ray, Biking, Star Wars

Geography: Originally Vancouver, BC, cAnAdA...Now Montreal.

Spelling: Notorious, but English when I remember how to do it.

Cat: Ali, (usedtobe)female. Mostly black, white chest/belly, white socks, white stripe on nose. Perpetual surprized look. Original owner is huge Al Pacino fan, hence the name.