One of the better types of candy in existence. Jube-jubes are gelatin like and very sweet and chewy coming in five disctinct colors and flavours. They are as follows:

  • Black: Liqourice flavored jube-jube which are either hated or loved depending on personal preferences.
  • Red: Cherry flavored jube-jube which are very good. They are ranked second place for someone that likes black though.
  • Yellow:Not really lemon flavored but there is nothing really to compare it with. It should be noted that jube-jube quality takes a bit of a nose dive after black and red.
  • Orange:Typicial orange flavor that is on par with yellow.
  • Green:Just plain gross. The worst flavor bar none.

    Jube-jube consumption theory suggests that the most preferred colors disappear first until there are a bunch of green ones left. It should be noted that while people dislike greens, they will eat them anyways when left with no other option. Too many jube-jubes leave one sick with a sore stomach, from the sugar overload.