RadLight is one of the many applications of questionable usefulness on CNET's download.com. Specifically, it's an application that can play DivX movies and other media files. It was began in 2000 by a team of three programmers from the Slovak Republic. It's noteworthy due to it's newly introduced, unusually aggressive spyware policy. Not only does it install the spyware application Savenow, but it will actually searches your hard drive for the spyware detection and removal program Ad-aware, and uninstalls it. RadLights EULA points this out in the following words:

You are not allowed to use any third party program (e.g Ad-aware) to uninstall application bundled with RadLight. Such programs will be removed. If you want to uninstall them, you may do so via Add/Remove in Windows' Control Panel.

To say the least this is shocking, and extremely unethical. What's next, programs uninstalling rival pieces of software?