It's so easy for a computer person to get tired of computers. I remember a time when I was up coding at all hours of the night, playing around with Java or knocking some Web page or other up, quick-as-a-flash.

But today - and it's been a tough day, played out entirely in the real world without so much as the support of a mouse click - I found myself reflecting on what I want to be. Or, to be more accurate, what I want my life to be.

I have an honours degree in Computer Science from the University of Edinburgh, and that's great. It's a poorly-designed, cheaply laminated piece of paper that symbolises five years of really tough work for me; after the sweat and the tears you'd think I'd want to use it. But I don't; I see my friends and people on the Internet spending their lives looking at Linux windows or designing content management systems, working ten hours a day and coming home to an empty house.

Please, God, don't let that ever be me.

But if that's not me, who am I? And where am I going? And finally, perhaps most importantly, what can I possibly offer the outside world?