I haven't worked a lick all day. I got my Palm m130 today, and I've spent the whole day playing with it. I have a ton of doctor's appointments for Heather to put in the calendar, business meetings, phone numbers, and all of this information I've collected. It's just fun to have another toy. This month has been a total orgy of consumerism, buying Heather the camera, getting the Game Cube, and now the Palm. I'm feeling a overspent emotionally seeing all the money roll out of the house. But I'm loving the Palm.

If playtime wasn't enough one of my best friends Chris has been emailing me all day about his upcoming weekend. He's going to visit a girl, K, he met the last time he visited CMU.

He's been wrestling with his feelings all day. He really likes K, and he's very attracted to her. But he's got a long-time girlfriend, M, who he cares about dearly. It seems like some cruel-trick of the heart to have him feel so strongly about two women at once. And it's some universal condition. You see it everywhere. I reject the notion that when someone is in love they don't fall in love with someone else, like it's some one-person slot, or some semaphore that once locked, can't be used by someone else.

I cheated on a long-term girldfriend once, and I don't ever want to do it again. I was never caught, and the sex was beyond fantastic, but I ended up feeling even more alone and isolated. Amanda was wonderful in many ways, and once in a blue moon I wonder what would have happened if I had broken up with my girlfriend at the time and started dating Amanda officially and not in secret. I felt very strongly about both women, and loved them both, and it was a very low and confusing time. I don't want to be there again.

I have no wisdom to give him. He'll just have to live this moment through himself.