One thing that bears mentioning about the comic book series Gen13 is that it's drawn rather lasciviously. J. Scott Campbell is a great artist, and he likes to draw the female form. Often when Fairchild uses her powers, her clothes seem to self-destruct magically, leaving her barely covered.

Gen13 was written with the intent of drawing in a teenage crowd in the middle 1990s. The main characters were young, teenagers themselves, and not only had to deal with superhero issues, but also with growing up and finding a place for themselves in the world, both as an adult, and as a superhero. This is also the same topic that Spiderman the comic, and more recently, Spiderman the Movie covered. Smallville is also exploring the issues of growing up superhero, as it pertains to Superman.

Gen13 was popular in the beginning, but as seemed endemic at Image Comics its initial popularity waned, and the comic seemed doomed to fall into obscurity.

However, Image is attempting a rebirth, starting with the release of a new series starting with Gen13 0 in July 2002.