John Stossel is a Libertarian journalist and author who took a job with Fox News Channel and Fox Business after leaving ABC. He is a strong advocate for the free market system. He also has a banging moustache. Stossel has received criticism for several things; like saying AIDS research gets too much funding while Parkinson's does not and kills more. The problem with this is AIDS kills more, at least in the United States. He also challenges global warming, despite facts. He explains greed is good and runs the economic system, it also sells senate seats and motivates crack dealers. My favorite thing Stossel has defended is sweatshops. No, I'm serious, he did a segment about how great sweatshops are. I have some friends who worked in sweatshops and they loved it. He's probably a good guy and doesn't shout at people like O'Reilly does, but his views are way too cut-throat and capitalist.