there's something wrong with the world today, don't know what it is...

alright, i'm going to be honest here...i'm just waiting until the girl next to me finishes with her computer so that i can steal the disk left there by people before. because, i need a disk so that i can put stuff off my psych class' website on it and take it home.

i miss having the internet at my beck and call...

i also miss my teeth. a lot more than i missed them yesterday. yesterday, however, i was only missing half as many teeth. these dentures are yucky for so many reasons. maybe because my gums have been bleeding for about 24 hours now, and i can't eat anything yet. swallowed blood on an empty tummy.

i really don't think i'd be a very good vampire.

newspapers call my cancelled class on monday a bomb threat. my prof says it was a fire. i just think it was fate's way of letting my catch up on my reading.

i wish there was a way of telling people that no, i'm not just the antisocial girl in the corner, it just hurts to talk.