Ahh, memories of Penticton. Summers filled with sun and ice cream and lazy days on the beach of Lake Okanagan. Penticton has big white letters spelling its name out on the hillside, much like Hollywood does.

There are two malls in Penticton. They both suck. To buy anything good you have to drive an hour to Kelowna. Penticton produces a lot of fruit. In orchards. There are an awful lot of orchards. During the big and scary forest fire of '94, (can it really be that long ago? probably not) this fair city was safe due to the sprinkler systems in the surrounding orchards. They also have a lot of Quebecois fruit-pickers in the summertime

Winters are cold. Very very cold. There is not nearly enough rain, but lots of snow. the interestingest part of Pentiction is that her residents call themselves "Pentictonians", which i believe is among the funnest words to say.