Today, I did not want to do my homework. So I stalked myself on the internet. This is an idea I got, I believe from P_I, who has his name and real name plastered all over cyberspace. But today, I looked up me.

So into the google search engine, I typed my own name. There were about 1,490 results. Yikes! That's a lot of me. Except, it isn't all me. I have a fairly common name. Most of us live in North America, England and Australia.

People with my name include:

  • a Wake Forest University Women's Volleyball Star
  • a male Tennis Player from : New South Wales, Australia, who's six feet tall and has won $ 111,554 so far.
  • A Street Racer from Ohio who races a red Pontiac.
  • A gymnast from Eugene, Oregon
  • An ugly little blond girl from Texas
  • An Alpha Omicron Pi scholarship winner from the University of Louisiana
  • A soprano member of the Butler High School Women's Choir
  • An English teacher and varsity cheerleading coach from South Carolina
  • A championship-winning cheerleader from the Isle of Wight
  • A horse-breeder
  • A seven-year-old, diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia and currently in remission and living the life of a healthy young girl, thanks to some fundraiser in Orlando, Florida.
  • A Birder, bird artist and photographer from Shefield
  • A young boy scout from Liverpool
  • A Beaver Leader and Photographer from Langley, British Columbia
  • A gravestone in North Carolina: me, (b. 19 Oct 1880 - d. 1 Jun 1933)

    There's a lot of us out there.