I used to think that daylogs were silly. Now I find them to be hopelessly addictive.

my attention span keeps shrinking. I can time it now. I used to be able to focus for an hour. now it has become 35 minutes. How much longer until I can't take more than one intruction at a time?

i went to wreck beach today. I am in my third year at UBC and today was my first time at wreck beach. I wrote a poem. it stinks. Does anyone know why there are planters and flagpoles and other erections on the beach near the stairs?

I have taken to carrying around a box of granola and eating it whenever I get hungry so that I will not go after candy. I'm still fat. I haven't shaved my legs in over three months now. I'm going to bleach my leg hair and dye it blue this weekend. (probably not)

I went downtown and there's this shoe store with gorgeous rhinestoned ruby slippers. They are in a glass box guarded by a security guard. I stuck my nose on the window of the store and breathed so as to fog up the window. The security guard laughed for five minutes and he was still laughing when I left. I like to think it made his day.

I have to write a term paper for an english class, and if i can convince my prof that I'm a commerce student or something other than an English Major, I'll be able to get a decent mark. If she realises that I am an english-major-type, then I am done for, since my whole paper is a cliche.

Maybe I should go into commerce. Perish the thought.

It's all about pretending to be something that you're not.

The kids at daycare told me that I should live there.

my roommate gives me shit about keeping the recyclables on the back of the counter instead of putting them in the garbage can. She says I leave them there too long. She hasn't taken the garbage out in months. the girl at macdonald's gave me a large paper bag and three napkins for my single apple pie.