too bad the world is such sad and interesting place today. too bad i'm going to write about ice cream.

the boy who likes me works in a big warehouse that is like a big freezer. this is all very boring except that he gets to wear a toque to work and he gets 'damaged goods'. like ice cream. the boy has ice cream connections.

now he knows that i consider ice cream to be the meaning of life. so yesterday, after fucking up royally on my birthday, he invites himself over and asks to borrow a spoon. then he opens his backpack and reveals not one, but two cases of ben and jerry's buckets, and two extra buckets.

so, to be clear, we now have 18 half-litre buckets of ice cream. and the very best kind, too.

my roommate came home from work "look in the freezer" "why?" "do it" "gasp! i love you!!!" all and all a great day. i'm sorry for death and destruction, but i like ice cream.