Today was the "big bike ride" for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. It's an idle Thursday mid-morn, and I am distracted from grocery shopping through my mother's cupboards by "Who let the dogs out" playing loudly outside, without any sign that the offending car was actually driving anywhere. So I look. And to what should my wondering eyes appear, but a bicycle built for twelve. Riding this bicycle, very very slowly, were twelve white-haired locals waving to passers-by and blaring annoying pop music.

made my day

since my day so far has been dreaming of escape and wondering how I could raise $7500 to take an "adventure tourism" continuing education course at Kwantlen while paying off my student loan accumulated over useless courses, and feeding and housing myself for a year. because adventure tourism is sounding a lot better than education.

I also don't have a job yet. But how will I have fun and enjoy the sunshine and summer months if I slave for minimum wage at Tim Horton's? I was going to work at camp. The interview couldn't have gone any better. They don't love me. /whine/

meanwhile, my roommate and my best friend made plans and didn't even pause to consider inviting me. i was home. i had nothing better to do. they knew this.